“In 2004 I came over from England with my American husband and our Scottish Terrier Jock and we settled just outside Morton in Groveland. The following week we decided to find a veterinarian and quite by chance came across Morton Animal Hospital, where we met Dr. Arthur Herm and his staff. We were immediately put at ease by his professional and caring approach to our beloved dog Jock.

We truly do feel like a part of the family at Morton Animal Hospital. Nothing is too much trouble and we have Dr. Herm to thank for saving the life of the next pet to join our family, Ruby, a West Highland Terrier. We have also adopted a kitten from Morton Animal Hospital – his name is Sir Purrsalot. He joined our cat Pumpkin and kitten Rosco who we adopted from a local animal shelter. All of our animals love to visit Dr. Herm and they all love the little treats he gives to them to bring home.

We feel it is very important to have a good veterinarian and we are truly blessed with the best one in the area. We are also grateful to Melanie and Roxanna, Dr. Herm’s nursing staff. These two ladies are so dedicated to animal welfare and they have given us reassurance and comfort on many occasions. Also, we must not forget Heather who is always in the background quietly mopping up the little puddles that the animal visitors leave behind.

If anyone out there is looking for an excellent veterinarian and nursing staff then look no further as they are right here in Morton.”

Bea & Dan Rose, Groveland, IL

“My 4 legged furry child has been a patient of Dr. Herm’s for 16 years. Doc has guided us through the stages of puppyhood and kept him healthy into his adult & senior years. We’ve had a couple of close calls in all those years, and Doc & his staff have always been there to advise & reassure. Their concern & compassion is second to none!”

Pat Otto & Chester

“Our family pets have been Dr. Herm’s patients for over 20 years. During that time we’ve had numerous pets, some living for over 18 years. Currently, we have a 19-year-old cat with insulin-dependent diabetes. Dr. Herm helped us to adjust to giving insulin shots twice daily and has been a great source of information about the feline diabetes (which is quite a bit different than diabetes in humans). Dr. Herm has been invaluable in helping us to preserve an excellent quality of life for our pets as they experienced health problems associated with aging. We’ve come to know him as a gentle, kind, compassionate and knowledgeable veterinarian. His staff is equally caring and has cried along with us when we’ve had some very difficult times with our animals.

We would recommend Dr. Herm to anyone for his or her veterinary needs. Dr. Herm’s love of animals is very apparent in the time and effort he puts forth in rescuing unwanted animals as well as providing excellent veterinary care to his patients.”

Gary & Karen Lohr, Morton, IL